Does An Lb7 Have An Egr

Does An Lb7 Have An Egr07-10 Mercedes MBE EGR Cooler Kit 4601421079 - Replacement EGR Cooler that is Direct Fit, Ready to Install. It has been proven after several years of research that deleting the LLY EGR system is an easy task; it will cause no harm to your engine, and will. I'm getting ready to go back to a 6006 OS as the 01 OS has a …. Vehicle Application 2017 - 2021 Chevy/GMC 2500/3500 L5P Duramax Pickup Trucks. This means that an EGR delete will set the CEL on most 6. Duramax Tuner LB7 Stealth 67 G2. Very few 2004 LB7's have the California EGR emissions on them, I'll explain what you will want to do to delete it. 5-2005 LLY-LBZ 2006-2007 LML 2010 – 2015 LML 2015. For performance unrivaled by any other tuner, the EZ Lynk Auto Agent should be used. We know that you have high expectations . 2002-2004 SILVERADO DURAMAX DIESEL EGR VALVE " LB7 ENGINE" NEW GM # 97288827 | eBay This part fits vehicles made in the following years 2004,2002,2003. The exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR valve) is an integral part of your Chevrolet Duramax. Or, ask your favourite diesel shop outside Ontario to install. MOST LB7's don't have an EGR valve on them, so it isn't activated in it. as far as egr removal your gas milage will suffer as well as check engine light may come on, tbi chips can burn you a chip to by pass the egr. My car was dying at stops or low speeds due to low engine idle. DHD 300-121 Duramax Tubular RACE Manifold & Up Pipe Bundle 2001-2004 LB7 (0) Reviews: Write first review. Industrial Injection 0-986-437-422-IIS Stock Flow CP4 Pump. The truck has 165,000 miles on it. Today, located in the resort town of Coeur d’Alene Idaho Alligator Performance is one of the largest automotive performance shops in the country. 6L DIESEL INJECTOR SUPER SET DELUXE. What is L5p Egr Delete Instructions. Engine Accessories Duramax LB7. Dealer didn't even check it out, said it needed a new turbo for $9K. The first version of the engine was code named LB7. 1/8 inch NPT Pre Drilled & Tapped Block Off Plate. My 2002 is more of a street/competition vehicle and is the most modified of the bunch. California models, and Fleet Vehicles had the Crappy system. Besides, the engine lifespan will significantly improve by the removal of the EGR. I did not have to let it sit to try and get it to run. The Insight is the #1 preferred digital gauge monitor in the market today, used by daily drivers and enthusiasts everywhere. I have a 2012 3500 gmc duramax not evary time but most times. Do not use you fingers to find. To address the design flaw, our diesel EGR cooler features a 20 spiral tube construction that resists soot clogging and prevents leaks to maintain proper system flow and pressure. It is not uncommon for us to replace both the oil cooler and the EGR cooler for coolant restrictions as indicated by testing. The LB7 is part of General Motors’ Duramax V8 engine line. L5P Duramax V8, which produces 445 horsepower and a lofty 9100 pound-feet of torque under the hoods of the all-new 2020 Chevrolet. Have done lbz's, couple lly, and have one lb7 on the go. The Duramax engine has evolved from the original LB7 series to the LLY, then LBZ, and now the LMM series. EGR Delete | The Diesel Tuner's Blog is a . The first gen LB7 didn't have EGR, so the cooling system was properly sized for that application. Stalling and hesitation of the engine. LB7 Duramax Performance Parts & Upgrades. It’s hard to beat the winning combination of a Duramax diesel engine paired with an Allison transmission, and Parleys Diesel Performance carries a full line of performance parts and upgrades for the Duramax in your Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra pickup truck. When we perform these head gasket jobs at the shop, we will warranty head bolts to 700WHP, far surpassing the "safe limit" of the factory pistons and connecting rods in a Duramax diesel. EGR - DPF - ADD BLUE Removal means to disable the exhaust gas recirculation valve,cancel the Regen system and eliminate the need to fill the UREA Tank. The first tell was just as u Said. LMM Delete Tuners; LMM Delete Tunes; LMM Exhaust and EGR; LMM Air and Fuel Systems; 2010-2016 Duramax. Ship Time: Build Time 9-11 Weeks. EGR (Exhaust gas recirculation) systems are constantly being monitored and adjusted by the ECM (Engine control module) while we are driving our vehicles. Again, great product and great customer service!. com WRONG part, and it is past the return window, uggh. The EGR valve is a key component of exhaust gas recirculation. com has worked to develop the cleanest solution for wiring your Duramax drivetrain for simple operation with nothing more than power, ground, ignition and cranking signals. 2008 F250 Job 2: H&S mini, MBRP 5in, S&B, PTP EGR 2009 Dodge: H&S, Flo~Pro, S&B, GDP, Shibby, 2009 LMM: EFI Live(DSP 5), 5in MBRP, EGR blocked 2006 LBZ: MBRP t/b 4in exhaust,PPE Xcellorator,PPE Air Box Mod,Rancho 4in 2007 LMM Z71 2002 LB7: T409 MBRP Duals,Banks CAI,PPE Boost Valve, Hypertech. 6L LLY/LB7 Juice w/ Attitude CTS2. This allows you to run the H+S probe kit and read exhaust temps. I owned an LB7 and I now own a LBZ, bought them both new. 6 LB7 LLY LBZ LMM LML If you have spent any amount of time on the internet there is no doubt you’ve seen countless suggestions that you should get “EFI Live” for your truck. Over time the EGR will clog up and will be a total loss. What Does P0404 Mean? Your car has an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) System, whose primary function is to redirect exhaust back into your vehicle’s cylinders in order to lower cylinder temperatures and nitrogen oxide emissions. Does White Smoke Mean Injector Problems?. In order to know if your EGR’s valve is operating …. 2 the hose to the egr cooler is leaking. CATERPILLAR, CUMMINS, DETROIT DIESEL, MACK, PACCAR, VOLVO, AND MANY OTHER TRUCK / ENGINE BRANDS. The fifth gear days of yore have passed the world by and the 2001-2005 LB7 and LLY owners are loving how much more the extra gear brings them. com is your supplier for diesel truck parts. EGR valves come in various designs and models such as pneumatic, electrical, for petrol or diesel applications, or with connections for cooling. While replacing an EGR valve isn't hard, yours might not be dead—just too filthy with carbon and gunk to function properly. The EGR cooler can stay in place, just mess with the connectors underneath it. All MAHLE parts come with their industry leading 2-year. The most problematic Duramax tended to be the barely worked school-run truck. Although the cooler was necessary to comply with emission standards, it can cause problems, primarily because GM didn’t upgrade the engine’s cooling system to compensate for the addition. The easiest way to verify which Duramax engine you have is the VIN# of the truck. 2004 silverado 2500hd duramax PARTS. Depending on the delete (and I have seen many) you may or may not get codes once you remove your egr, def, or other things. The company provides a wide range of premium products, running the gamut from turbo kits and coolant tanks to EGR upgrade kits and power …. Custom Standalone ECM / TCM harnesses (LB7, LLY, LBZ, LMM) $ 586. The LLY has an EGR system and a variable vane turbocharger. You are likely to have a better fuel economy, more mileage, and a slight improvement in horsepower. This engine was initially installed in 2001 Chevrolet and GMC trucks, and has since become an option in pickups, vans, …. 5-2006) LML duramax diesel egr cleaning Silverado LMM Duramax EGR install Every. The 031-HSP or HSP 2 Inch Replacement Up-Pipes for the 2001-2004 Chevrolet and GMC Duramax are an incredible replacement to the factory parts that not only improve performance but also lessen common failure points. Here Comes the Hurricane: This 500HP+ Twin Turbo Inline Six is the Replacement for the Hemi V8. I have a 2006 GMC 2500HD SLT with the LBZ Duramax, all stock except I removed the EGR valve about 10 years ago. egr but im concerned I will need to have different tunes. Disconnect the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve vacuum hose. Even a stock Duramax can produce high temperatures and pressures that cause OEM up pipes to eventually fail …. After breaking it loose I had to use long tweezers to take it off since a wrench or fingers won’t fit the tiny gap. There is no EGR flow when the engine is cold, at idle, or during hard acceleration. Turbo is not variable vane, so no vane position tables, and it is hardcoded at 22 PSI boost (i think that is the value). Its the same pipe but there was a change in 04 i think to a longer egr cooler which means a shorter extension off of the up pipe. - BRAND NEW - Fuel Injector Solenoid Fits: 2001 - 2004. S&S Diesel Motorsport TorqueMaster Injectors (Set of 8), 01-04 GM Duramax LB7, LB7-10VCO is now available at Thoroughbred Diesel. The cooler line going to it from the t-stat housing is your heater line; If you go to a federal ECM or have the codes shut off, then you can remove the solenoids for it as far as I know; I don't have much experience with the LB7 EGR setups, don't see many down this way. Or to completely remove it get a cap off plate (or weld the uppipe) , some 5/8 heater hose and a Y bridge. The LLY has the same size and weight as the LB7 and possesses just a smidge more horsepower. What does that mean? This code is a generic powertrain code. it is the fuel injection system on the 2002 duramax diesel. 2001-2004 LB7 VIN Code 1 - 3" Y-Bridge/ EGR Kit. The Dmax with cooling system issues is the LLY second generation variation. The LB7 3" Y-Bridge is an upgraded high flow intake bridge for the 2001-2004. FWIW, it's always a good idea to test EGRs with a miti-vac or something similar to make sure it's working right. aklbz said: I don't believe LB7's had an EGR system. 5 nitro at on 20 inch American steal wheels, modded factory air box, Profab Intake Horn, Batmo Wheel, Turbo port and polish, Full EGR Removed w/ fed belt, 3. com has a list of the emission codes for LB7. A pyro is an especially good idea on these. In general, it's a very durable and reliable engine. In the case of our 2003 Sierra, each injector measured a perfect 0. By using the PPE Oil Centrifuge Filtration Kit, you can extend the intervals between each oil change from 3,000 up to 10,000 miles. I kept having to look at the new EGR valve to see where the top bolt was because you can't see the top bolt until it is 3/4 of the way out. Enjoy quicker turbo spool and lower EGTs along with faster re-circulation of the coolant resulting in lower coolant temps. 2007-2010 LMM +30hp, +50hp, + 120hp, +175hp, +260hp. 6L/403, VIN Code 1, Assembled, Does Not Include Fuel Injectors, Chevrolet, GMC, 6. In order to make sure you have no future vacuum leaks, remove the EGR valve and install a blocking plate using new gaskets. For example, if the EGR valve does not close all the way or open all the way when it is supposed to, then the computer will detect something is wrong and …. 0L Powerstroke Delete Tune for EZLynk. Expect better all around performance & lower EGT’s from this. Use some teflon tape on the plug and the. But when you’re demanding more power from your truck, the stock EGR system can hinder performance and become a liability by choking the engine or failing prematurely. You can fine this sensor by following the vacuum hose on the EGR valve. These stainless steel up-pipes for the 2001-2004 6. The unit is TIG welded and pressure tested at the factory. Don't throw it away before giving this a try. Cognito Motorsports Truck 3-Inch Performance Leveling Kit With Fox PS 2. When doing an egr delete do you have to do a dpf delete as well or can you just do the egr delete kit?. Provider of Diesel Engines & Parts at Competitive Prices What are you looking for? "Super friendly and very responsive. 6L LB7 Duramax Dragon Fire 85% Modified CP3 Reman pump All of our Modified CP3 Injection Pumps have our CP3 Technology, Microblue coating along with 60/65 Rockwell Hardness and Black DLC coating. Tacomas (1995-2004)' started by I have a new set of cleaned and flow matched injectors sitting here, and I'm thinking of diving into they stick to it and wont. 5 months ago I bought a new 2006 Malibu to drive to work and back. The EGR valve is faulty; The EGR valve may not be opening due to a lack of vaccuum; Possible Solutions. provided to verify that you have everything necessary to install your new XDP Duramax LML EGR do not discard gaskets. Sales/Support Hours 8am - 5pm ET Mon-Fri 631-991-7700 or browse our categories below 200 Bangor Street Lindenhurst, NY 11757 Tel: 631-991-7700 Fax: 631-991-7701 Search. Even though they have a spot in the OS for an EGR, it doesn't meen that it is used or even activated. As the above poster stated you could have a tuner just delete the EGR portion and leave the stock tune in. This item is a brand NEW Deutz Shuttle Valve – EGR. The key to keeping your diesel-powered Dodge, Ford, or GM truck on the road and working for you is good maintenance. I don't have much experience with the LB7 EGR setups, don't see many down this way. The check engine light will often appear on your dashboard when you have any issues with the IAT sensor. Of course his son drives it with a little more spirit than dad does. Here you can find a quality selection of reliable, long-lasting, and affordable LML, LMM, LBZ, LLY and LB7 fuel filter access panels for sale. Cooling the exhaust gas is a crucial piece of emissions . New Parts New parts are just what they sound like: Brand New. The EGR valve is normally closed. me32; Jan 27, 2020 #4 I wonder if there will be issues down the road with these systems. The Duramax engine is a serious tough unit, but it does have some weaknesses, and like all motors, it needs love from time to time. 4L Powerstroke Turbo Up-Pipe Kit - With EGR Removed Ford 6. The table you are refering is the limiter table, the one I said was hard coded. However, this product is not for everyone. 0L Powerstroke, I wouldn’t hesitate to use OEM parts. In the early 1970s, automobile manufacturers began equipping their vehicles with EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valves to reduce the levels of pollutants created by their vehicles. Wanted to make this video as I had some fun trying to understand how all of this works. It’s been on for a number of years now, and I’ve replaced the air filter element, the mass flow sensor and cleaned them all, but still can’t get the CEL to go off. Expect better all around performance & lower EGT's from this. Top 10 Best Egr Cleaner Diesel Of 2022. I have noticed idle (no boost) MAP is around 12. This improves performance, allows the engine to run cleaner, and lasts that much. Something to also be aware of it that the egr cooler can also put exhaust gasses into the coolant system if they have a leak. The leak results in incomplete. INCLUDES: 1- Duramax LB7 Coolant Pipe O-Ring. Crede and Misty Young opened Diesel Dynamics in the spring of 2006 with one technician (Crede himself) and a 3,000 square foot building on one acre of land. I have an automatic transmission and the transmission filler tube is a bit in the way. Best Mods For LB7 Duramax – 2021 Top Picks. Check below for all your LB7 needs. What Does P0406 Mean? The P0406 code is the result of the exhaust gas circulation (EGR) sensor A having a high circuit voltage. In this episode of Driveway Dudes, Paul and Will shows you how to clean your EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Valve, Inlet Manifold and Inlet Valves without r. I think this points to the egr valve but not sure if I need to clean it more or look into a delete system. But if the engine is idled at high speed, it will require a large amount of power, causing the EGR valve to open to about 90%. All I did was replace fuel injectors and Egr with new gaskets. Known for fuel injectors leaking into the oil supply; see TSB #04039B. Or just put a blocker plate in it. Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Excessive Detected. Buy yours today and find out with thousands of our customers already know about Bullet Proof Diesel products. The second sensor (referred to as NOx sensor 2) measures NOx levels exiting the SCR catalyst. Remanufactured MAF sensors with debris from prior use can hinder this communication and cause the vehicle to experience drivability issues. Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours. It has to do with the emissions system and stands for: P0402: EGR → Excessive Flow Diagnosis. These are made from black powder coated steel can be painted as needed. But when you're demanding more from your truck, the stock EGR system can hinder performance and. 7L Powerstroke - Full Support Pack. The absence of restrictive emissions on the LB7 allowed owners to get more miles between fill ups than most people thought possible from a 3/4 ton pickup. In this article, we’ll look at what the EGR valve does, discuss some common signs that your. Our gasket kit includes required components for the removal. P0406 Code: Exhaust Gas Recirculation Sensor A Circuit. Order Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD EGR Valve online today. GM OEM EGR Vacuum Pump,for California Emissions(2001-2004 ). It’s still highly popular in the used market. As you may know, people have look numerous times for their favorite books like this 2007 duramax egr solenoid, but end up in harmful Page 1/39. 2006 SILVERADO CC/SB, DA trans with DA/PI high stall, EFI LIVE DSP5 by Diesel Addiction, Billet S475, Exergy 60% overs, Custom Y-bridge, EGR delete, 3" boost tubes, Fuelab liftpump, Banks 4" exhaust, Cognito braces, tierod sleeves, PVC. Alliant Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve O-Ring Kit. Fitment Notes: Fleece Performance 63mm Billet LB7 Cheetah Turbocharger - 01-04 GM Duramax LB7 6. 2001-2004 LB7 Duramax Y-Bridge Kit. That's why you need a short 12 point box end wrench. It entailed an EGR valve, different glow plug controller, different intake heater relay, cylinder heads that flow roughly 30CFM less air, and . we do not sell the chinese knockoff parts at discounted pricing. PPE OEM Up-Pipes allow 53 percent greater flow than stock. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. What is the Schrade LB7 serial number history?. The LLY version is not vacuum operated and there is no vacuum pump. You want to keep your engine running as smooth and efficient as possible, so knowing these 5 bad fuel injector symptoms will help you out. Different vehicles will have their EGR valve in different places. 5-2005 LLY-LBZ 2006-2007 LML 2010 - 2015 LML 2015. Clean the valve and EGR system passages every 18 or 24 months as part of your vehicle maintenance schedule. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk WVRigrat05 Wound for sound Jan 1, 2011 3,081 2 38 33 French Creek, West Virginia Mar 17, 2016 #4 I'm sure they make them for lb7's, if not plenty of non Cali lb7 stuff around. I'm thinking this should be a very simple swap over and would be able to get a truck back up and going fairly easily. DHD 700-97228929 LB7 Fuel Return Line Bolt Set (For Rail-to-Injector) 2001-2004 (0) Reviews: Write first review Description: Includes 8 Return Line Bolts. The EGR valve draws exhaust by means of intake vacuum which dilutes the incoming air/fuel mixture reducing the temperature in the chambers bringing the NOx. No Up Pipe involved - much easier to remove than earlier models. Grizzly Air EGR cooler for the Mercedes MBE4000 diesel. From fuel, transmission and oil filters to transmission pans and differential covers, we carry all the Chevrolet and GMC Duramax performance parts you need to keep your engine running at its best. 7L Powerstroke (17-19) Air and Fuel Systems. The tuners in this review will only cover 6. 0L Powerstroke – DCP Diesel – All Things Diesel Trucks!. Already the quickest trucks out of the box among the Big Three, it doesn’t take much to keep them at the front of the pack. How do I Remove the EGR on a Toyota 22R? How To Remove The EGR Valve On A Toyota. One version being the early version of the Duramax pre EGR engine called the LB7 and the other being the LLY engine. Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)- The EFI Live AutoCal is a DPF delete capable tuner. You can add heat wrap below if wanted. This Tech Tip has been written in an attempt to educate and minimize time spent EGR Blocker (Does NOT work with EGR delete). But in mid-2004, Chevy introduced the LLY engine and although it was also popular at the time, it had several performance issues including overheating. So I have a dilemma, I loved the look and sound of the 5" exhaust that was on my LB7, do any of you guys have a 5" on an LLY? how's the sound? Any drone? My LB7 would drone at about 70 and it got kinda annoying, but I loved how it sounded. Considering the associated costs you will likely want to use a Tech 2 scan tool or do a “VGT Learn” to determine if the issue is the sensor or if the issue is the unison ring. It doesn’t have EGR, DPF or SCR emissions control systems. Have Chevy lb7 duramax need a diagram of fuel lines in filter housing or the whole fuel system got some mixed up - Answered by a. Outperform the competition with an AEM Brute Force HD Intake for your LB7 Duramax. The engine control unit heavily monitors all sensors in a car engine, and if one fails, it will light up the check engine light immediately. Shipping calculated at checkout. The camshaft sensor is located under the hood, beside the engine, however, it isn't always easy to find it. LB7/LBZ/LLY Delete Tuners; LB7/LBZ/LLY Delete Tunes; LB7/LBZ/LLY Exhaust and EGR; LB7/LBZ/LLY Air and Fuel Systems; 2007. 2004 Silverado Cali lb7, Airdog ll 165, fresh sticks at 325k, Custom tune on v2 for daily driver, 33x12. This EGR Cooler has a One Year Warranty. Search: Lb7 Losing Fuel Pressure. Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Exhaust Gas Recirculation/EGR. The stock EGR cooler in your Cummins, Powerstroke, or Duramax-powered diesel truck is designed to recirculate up to 50% of your engine’s exhaust back through the intake to help reduce emissions More Details ». A special thanks to Dustin for all the help. Not only was it the most powerful engine in this market segment, but it was also a revolutionary step forward in light-truck diesel engine …. 3 I think the egr is starting to fail so I want to just delete it. The pump is used to operate the EGR system on LB7 engines. Ripped the EGR out completely (does throw the CEL on), and installed the plate. Alligator Performance has been in the Automotive industry for the last 15 years. GM only provides a specification for return fuel when cranking for LB7 engines, however, we have done some testing on a good running LB7 and found that injector return. Budget Diesel Mods: LLY Duramax. Overtime, the stem or diaphragm in the valve may fail, keeping exhaust gases from entering the intake manifold. Aftermarket Diesel Performance Products. 5- 2014 CHEVY DURAMAX APPLICATIONS 250/350/450 Ford Powerstrokes. Over time, carbon deposits and other pollutants . Only NWEA MAP scores from a fall CPS test administration will be allowed for use in selective applications. LB7, LLY, LBZ, LMM, LML, LGH IN-STOCK. 5, at least the engine from 2011-2016, does not even have a EGR. This is for a buddy with a pretty much stock truck but he wants the EGR cooler deleted. RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. If the injector plugs are visible outside the valve covers, it's an LLY+. Modern Duramax engines often have issues with emissions devices, which don‘t …. Only california emission lb7 trucks had egr on them. GM now warranties these issues but it will always stick with the LB7 name. I'd like to take a moment here and try to clarify just what EFI Live is and what it does. I got an 02 lb7 that I have in my 96 crew cab. I traced the wiring harness and realized it wasn't even hooked up. About Accelerating Power When Losing Lb7. Brand New! Bosch LB7 Injectors (No Core Charge) Full Set of 8. Do not use this product until you have carefully read the following agreement. The EGR blockers have proven over time to be quite effective, but we have seen plenty of the EGR motors fail requiring replacement or. The penalty for an emissions component alteration can be in the thousands of dollars. Have very respectable tune in lly. Factory OEM Catalytic Converter 11-13 6. In a factory tuned truck high EGTs would most commonly be a sign of a physical problem like a boost leak. 0L's with software that has been updated since about 2005. Will not fit Cab & Chassis trucks. Collect them all! It's easy, sign up now and get started! Toll Free Sales & Support. The Duramax block and heads are poured at The Defiance GM Powertrain foundry in Defiance County, Ohio. You can remove the one way valve to inspect clean it, but you won't find anything special. This dilutes the amount of oxygen coming into the engine by replacing. The GMC/Chevy LB7 Duramax was in 2001-2004 2500 & 3500 trucks. The command circuit pulls the injector to ground through the FICM, while the control circuit reports injector activity to the PCM. Our Turbo Boost Solenoid is a direct replacement that regulates the. Click here for 2017-19 L5P delete kit. As you apply vacuum to the valve, check for diaphragm movement. Finally, an affordable high flowing down pipe for the LB7 Duramax. DDP LB7 Stage 2 64mm LB7 Turbocharger. Anodized Black, O-Ringed Block Off Plate. 0 Diesel EGR Valve is Bad?. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk Electro-02gold1ton Super Dually Nov 15, 2015 35 0 6 ABQ,NM Mar 17, 2016 #6. 6 EGR VALVE 2002-2004 NEW OEM 97288827 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!. it is a big leaking Oil is Castrol Syntrax 75W 90 Syntec oil. The best way to check if you have a bad EGR cooler is to pull your EGR valve; the EGR valve is located on top of the engine next to the engine oil filter. SILVERADO SIERRA DURAMAX LB7 6. EGR Code Blocker Finger Stick DTC Modifier. 119s run at 176mph making him the fastest common rail duramax on the planet. 6 LB7 diesel engine, please feel free to give us a call. The LB7 D-Max had the exact same heaters in them and you can buy them new for ~$45 or so. Part Number 21003 - Install Instructions. Compatible with 2011 Ford Powerstroke 6. I have found a good low mile LB7 minus the turbo and was thinking of swapping out the LB7 heads/injectors and lines, a few electronic sensors with LBZ heads and electronics and a LBZ turbo. A vehicle's Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system reduces the amount of emissions released into the atmosphere. The steel-forged and cracked-cap design may have been the same as the LLY and LB7 rods, but they were meatier on the big end versus the other two engines. Install can be done in 2-3 hours and does not require any cutting, drilling or modifications. Perfect for testing the EGR system. Three vacuum lines on the top of the fuel filter housing, the fuel feed and supply hoses, and that will sit on the frame rail to get it out of the way. Experience increased turbo spool up and throttle response. DK Engine Parts offers a variety of engine parts and kits for most Ford. Secondly if you don't care about the EGR since it's going to be turned off you can leave everything as is since a delete tune won't look for an EGR. Mophorn Duramax Header Bolt On Passenger Side up-Pipe with Gaskets Fits for 2001-2016 GM 6. EGR Blocker (Does NOT work with EGR delete) We offer the EGR Blocker packages as a cheap “band aid” approach to take care of these issues. When Did Duramax Start Using Egr? Does A 2001 Duramax Have A Egr? What Is Egr Duramax? What Is An Egr Valve On A Duramax Diesel?. LB7 and LLY will have Starter Interrupt and Back Up Lamp Pigtails labeled. Right Side Up Pipe & EGR Delete Kit for 07-10 LMM 6. This item replaces the original equipment (OE) of your Deutz engine. MadJack Diesel Performance is proud to provide you with a huge selection of high-quality and affordable 6. We don't tune anything, but we DO manufacture Fish Tuning Advanced Dual (and even triple) CP3 Controllers for Duramax or Cummins and BMW. Extra stuff that comes with this is; drain plug washer, lb7 y bridge gaskets, lb7 and lly turbo gaskets, lb7 valve cover gaskets just these are used (reusable), 5 different EGR gaskets, turbo to throttlebody gasket, intake manifold inlet gasket -$100obo show contact info Ryan call or text. Description: PLEASE NOTE - PPEI Tuning products do not support EGR/DPF Removal. The Fleece Performance Intake Air Heater Delete is a simple way to remove the air intake heater on your 2001-2004 GM 6. LLY Duramax trucks don’t suffer from the same injector failure problems that LB7 trucks frequently had. The Banks Techni-Cooler is a fantastic LB7 Duramax upgrade because it helps bring cooler, denser air to the engine. From 2001 through mid-2004, the engine proved reliable and it sold well. The LB7 and LLY engines were known for rod weakness, but the LBZ had trouble with its cast-aluminum pistons. Living with the stock EGR doesn't mean we have to accept paying the dealership $1,250 every 67,500 miles to clean the EGR system. The EGR valve should be able to close and open as when needed to allow the smooth running of your vehicle's engine. Mercedes C CLK E S, Jeep, Chrysler, EGR Valve, M642 EXL A6421400860 | eBay. As an Original Equipment supplier, MAHLE engineers work with the OE vehicle engineers to design the optimal approach to accomplishing the vehicles performance needs. Very simple bolt on install that should take less than 30 minutes. This ECM controlled egr lowers the combustion temperature to prevent an engine meltdown as well as reduce nox. Having the valve removed will massively increase any cars emissions. The pulleys are pressed onto the crank and you. The cooling issue is a result of the cooling system not being upsized when they added EGR when moving from 1st gen LB7 to 2nd gen LLY. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations or the promise of a quality "Reman" from other sources, as these are Genuine Bosch injectors. The LB7 is the original Duramax engine that arrived in 2001. Does our process stop there? Heck, no! The most important thing that you should know about us is, we're always updating our website to provide timely and relevant information. I have an open vivaro 1,9 cdti the car does start properly when its cold it does pour too much fuel on the engine smoking all the way black smoke and it wouldn’t burn that diesel anymore as its too much then it will just stops for it to start again I must wait for at least 2 hours to start as diesel will be sinked. Failure to inspect the EGR cooler for leaks may lead to a misdiagnosis for coolant entering the combustion chamber. Torque management tables are a little different. You will ned to deal with the tuning to do away with egr codes now. Took my 06 LBZ to the dealer as it was constantly throwing turbo overboost and excessive egr codes. The LB7 was introduced in the fall of 2000 with an industry leading 300 horsepower and 520 lb-ft torque rating. The modern engines know when yo use a blanking plate. The exhaust replaces the dpf while the tuner impairs the vehicle regeneration mode ensuring no engine codes come up. This particular system comes without a muffler or exhaust tip, but the bare bones system does a good job of opening up exhaust flow on the LB7-LMM Duramax mills. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. LB7's do feel faster, but I think its because the LBZ trucks are newer, smoother, and quieter. 6L GM Duramax LB7 21-9021DC/P $ 449. Golden gaskets are the only ones that we have personally seen mix oil and coolant. 6 Duramax diesel V8 ‘LB7’ was the first of many. Take a look at our DEK1 above, for example. PDF Engine Coolant Loss on 2002. An open EGR valve allows exhaust gases getting into the engine but at the wrong time. 7L / 14L EGR Engine Part # 23535017, 23532542, 23530427 from HDKits. We all know it is a dividing topic, with many in favor of it and many against it. Part of gms operating system is to decrease combustion temperature under a load. As a result of shutting down the EGR valve, Diesel Particulate Filter and Urea, the engine's last- and temperature-condition stays closed. Duramax LB7 EGR Vacuum Lines Walkthrough and Explaination Download File PDF 6 6 Duramax Diesel Cooling System Diagram 2001-2004 Duramax 6. Starting from a blank sheet of paper, the 6. 07 lbz Egr delete or not? (X-post from r/diesel) Been throwing around a egr delete forever since I've owned the truck but never bothered because there wasnt ever a problem, the truck ran fine, money etc. The lack of emissions control devices helped boost reliability of these engines as these emissions parts are frequent fault areas on a lot of diesels. 6 Duramax LBZ EGR Code Blocker Finger Stick Signal Modifier DURAMAX Diesel 2006 through 2007 LBZ - MAF Signal Modifier Circuit FREE SHIPPING! This is for the MAF Signal Modifier circuit only. Its submitted by management in the best field. Regulating throttles are used in the intake air system in diesel vehicles. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for SILVERADO SIERRA DURAMAX LB7 6. What does an EGR cooler do? An EGR cooler is a heat exchanger that cools exhaust gasses before recirculating them into the intake manifold. We do everything from Race Engines to OEM Maintenance. 94 Product categories Select a category Airdog Fuel Pumps Beta Colorado / Canyon DIY Supplies L5P LB7 2001-2004 LLY 2004. Third Brake Light Antenna Mount - 2015 - 2019 Chevrolet/GMC 2500/3500 Trucks. A large difference between the cylinders means you likely have an injector issue. The tow/haul won’t work sometimes eaither. This harness is the connection between the ECM/TCM and the engine harness as. 00 Add to cart 2008-2010 Ford 6. Gasket Kits; Studs and Bolts; Gasket Only; Injection Pumps. The EGR flow is at its peak during steady cruising under moderate load. So not only does EGR hamper performance by coating and then The EGR system found on GM's 6. Bully Dog is the leader in truck performance tuning products & programmers. This code is set when the ECM identifies the EGR voltage is higher than the specified range, thus triggering the check engine light to illuminate on the vehicle dashboard. An EGR delete can set your check engine light. About Fuel Lb7 Pressure Losing. Weekend hobby mechanics should do this in about 4 to 5 hours. lilsonoma;6846185 said: Plus, I have all my teeth and I am not married to my cousin. The digital boost control gauge is connected into the MAP sensor which has an intermittent fault at idle yet does not set a code. RPO LB7 (engine code "1") was first introduced in 2001 and continued until early-2004. Check the vacuum hoses that are part of the EGR system for wear, tears, and bad connections. LB7 passenger uppipe, about 16" of heater hose (for bypassing egr cooler), remove intake manifold and weld 2 square ports on the bottom shut, at this point you can remove the cooler from the egr and uppipe, remove egr motor and then you can re-install the intake manofold. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 5 lb7 had injector issues, alot were replaced under warranty put the warranty to 200k. 6L Duramax Diesel Engines (Years: 2006-2007). Now, on a truck configured for Minnesota or Iowa changing the exhaust trips a code but it wont turn on the SES light. Whether you prefer stainless or aluminized steel, 4” or 5” diameter, we have exactly what you are looking for and carry top brands like Flo-Pro and MBRP. Warning California Proposition 65 Information. Injectors LB7; Injectors LLY; Injectors LBZ; Injectors LMM; Intake Kits. The compression ratio never changed till the production of LBZ started. Our team is always happy to assist you in finding the right EGR delete kits for your vehicle. 5 Duramax LB7 Injector Solenoid or 2003 - 2007 Dodge / 5. FLO~PRO Performance Exhaust is now offering a 4" Cat-Back DPF Delete kit for the 2007. 93) No Installation Kit Description Reviews. 6L LLY Duramax Specifications & Information. Single Best Upgrade for Every Duramax. Common Symptoms Of A Bad EGR Valve You Might Not Know. Budget Diesel Mods: LB7 Duramax. I have had this kit installed for about 4 months now and no complaints. 5 lbs: Dimensions: 7 × 7 × 4 in: Reviews. These are 100% NEW Fleece Performance LB7 Duramax injector nozzles that are engineered to get the most out of your Duramax diesel. This results in cooler combustion temperatures, which eliminates the formation of NOx emissions that contribute to air pollution. EGR system does not have much effect on the performance of the engine. Wipe the EGR valve and surrounding area with a microfiber towel. Its very simple, find an lb7 federal passenger side up-pipe and replace the LLY one. Founded by diesel pickup enthusiasts in 2009, Deviant Race Parts has manufactured high-quality parts and accessories developed to eliminate common problems associated with late model diesel pickups. You will also need a way to disable the exhaust feed up to the EGR cooler. What function does the vacuum pump serve other than the EGR valve and can it be removed with all the associated vacuum hoses. This requires a thorough cleaning every 20-30k or the risk of engine failure looms. I would recommend doing the full y-bridge as well the blocker plates seem to cause more problems then help. The Check Engine light will likely illuminate on the dashboard when you have a failing or bad EGR valve. It was the simplest in the lineup because it did not have a diesel particulate filter (DPF) nor exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). The factory Duramax Uppipes are prone to failure and failure on an up pipe can leave you stranded, down on power, and more. P0401 CODE: What does it mean and How to Fix it. 3 ohms, which became this month's Diagnostic Dilemma. 5 inch MBRP Downpipe, Full five inch MBRP Exhaust axle dump, 10mm lbz cp3 pump, Dual. Today, out of the blue, I had SES light and code P0404 thrown twice. Disconnect the cable on the negative terminal of the battery. What years do the LB7's come in? A. Make sure the engine is cool--the EGR valve sustains heat, and injury can result by handling the part with bare hands. If you pull that valve out, it should be full of a nice dry black charcoal carbon which is from the exhaust system. What is a EGR Delete? Why should I delete this on a. I have a Chevrolet 2002 Duramax with the LB7 motor. LBZ has the highest torque of 605 lb. 6L Cab & Chassis! Part #851 is now available in Aluminized Steel and is in stock and ready to ship immediately! Visit: www. Dirty, sticking, or leaking injectors. 7L F250 F350 F450 2016 Ford Powerstroke 6. aFe Power is proud to introduce the square body direct replacement EGR Cooler for 2004-2007 V8-6. 6-liter LB7 Duramax, which produced 235 horsepower. aFe EGR coolers are constructed from new stainless steel components. Details: First version of the Duramax diesel. Literally solved the problems I was having SO FAR. The SCR assembly contains a catalyst brick that requires DEF, or diesel exhaust fluid, for activation. Replace your down pipe and don't worry about it. Each one of the four tunes does exactly what it was made to do, next to making driving a better experience. Whether you currently own a Duramax powered Silverado or Sierra, or you have considered purchasing a used GM diesel pickup, the question will cross your mind regarding what problems you may experience with the engine. im pretty new to the diesel world but any help would be greatly appreciated January 24th, 2017 #2. 5 model years with the LLY, so your 2003 LB7 would not have an EGR. Calibrated Power, home of DuramaxTuner can help your truck do more! We have Custom-Tuning, Stealth Turbos, and/or other upgrades available for your Duramax, Cummins, Power Stroke, EcoBoost, Roxor, Class A Diesel Pusher, HD Trucks, Tractors, Combines, and more. Other than LB7 engines sold in California, these engines didn’t include any emission control devices. Fits: 2001-2005 GM Truck 2500, 3500 6. I have a stock '02 2500hd lb7 with 370k on it and I keep setting off the low fuel rail pressure code. LB7 Duramax EGR Cooler and valve removal on the rare 2004 LB7 with California emissions. However, if you get a generic aftermarket one, sometimes they'll come with different 'orifice plates' to adjust for the correct flow. If your EGR valve is non-operational because you have disconnected the vacuum hose or for some other reason, but the EGR valve diaphragm is intact, then plugging the holes will again cause EGR to be on all the time. If the piston does not move, your EGR valve diaphragm is damaged. Usually though if a cooler is leaking you will. In the Hanes repair book it show a picture of a V8 model with a egr valve located near the front passenger section of the egine block. Crede had spent almost 10 years in the dealership world when he made the decision to open his own shop. This helps, but may not solve a persistent problem. Click here for 2020 -2021 L5P delete kit. Best Overall Tuner for LB7 Duramax:Edge Evolution CTS3. Odds are we have run across your problem before and would be glad to help. I have and 2004 lb7 and I just bought another truck and its an 2004 with lly. EGR systems have been known to cause serious issues in an engine, including stuck valves, coolant problems, and leaky cylinders. 7 Powerstroke EGR Delete Benefits. Very few 2004 LB7’s have the California EGR emissions on them, I’ll explain what you will want to do to delete it. The issue with the Opel Multijet II running cool W/out EGR can be resolved with a tire/wheel upsize and using a 60/40 coolant blend. This engine was initially installed in 2001 Chevrolet and GMC trucks, and has since become an option in pickups, vans, and medium-duty trucks. It meters the quantity of exhaust gas that is returned. We are experts in the lines we carry and stive to get you the best product at the best price. Do not shift, touch the brake or clutch. My guess is the hose but anything is possible. An EGR delete is NOT the end all solution that most claim it to be. -3" Fabricated Y-Bridge (clearance'd for OEM style intake horn) -3" Passenger Side Intercooler Pipe -FPRV Block Off Kit -Silicone Boots -T-Bolt Clamps -Bridge Flange Gaskets. What is the Best Duramax Engine?. Like its namesake bomber the Stealth goes completely unnoticed until its too late. The auto repair's diagnosis time and labor rates vary by location, vehicle's make and model, and even your engine type. Excessive backpressure caused by restricted exhaust or catalytic converter 3. They run fine but the check engine light comes on and sets code P0234 at an idle, yet the light goes out several minutes later at cruise speeds. Warning: Emissions tampering is unlawful on any motor vehicle used for on road purposes in the US. Check out the deal on PPE Standard Xcelerator 01-10 6. Originally Posted by 03_duramax_lb7. Same Rods, Same Tolerance for Pain. Completely replaces/removes the entire EGR system. Non california LB7's don't have EGR's IIRC. The LB7 Duramax diesel is a direct-injected, turbocharged, intercooled, four-valve-per-cylinder V-8 that produces 300 hp and 560 lb-ft of torque. While there are several issues that can throw the P0404 code in the Silverado, the most common issue is either going to be carbon buildup on the EGR valve, the EGR valve itself (going bad), or wiring issues. 7 that I only drive in the spring and summer I've decide to do a full EGR, and DPF delete and tune and blah blah . LML EGR Temp Sensor Switch (gray/tan) Troubleshooting Switch Tips. PPE has taken OEM replacement to a new level. Tested to Ensure OE Cooling Efficiency. Fleece Performance Engineering is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket diesel performance products. 6l Duramax Chevy GMC 2001-2016 LB7-LML EASYBERG 12PCS Turbocharger & Exhaust Manifolds Up-Pipe Bolts Fit for 2001-2016 Duramax Diesel PPE 117000600 Performance Parts & Miscellaneous Accessory. If the injectors are under the valve covers, it's an LB7. i removed my smog pump setup and evap cansiter, with no check engine light, the evap does release the pressure from our tanks so be warned, i just rerouted the line to a safer spot (or at least in my mind). Do not mix this up with the barometric. Lift the cover for access to the fuse/relay. ALL of the EPA fines do NOT go back to remediation or helping those apostates that didn't subscribe to I have a Duramax Diesel Truck. One is an EGR position sensor which is physically attached to the EGR valve. The first Duramax was far from. 5-2012 GM/Duramax *This will fit the 2001-2004 LB7 models with modifications. 6L DIESEL INJECTOR SUPER SET PLUS. LP5 L5P Complete Delete Kit. 6L V-8 turbodiesel engine featured aluminum heads with. **Per the manufacturer this is unable to be shipped into CA due to the laws and regulations. When you buy Duramax fuel filter access panels for. Exhaust Gas Recirculation Circuit Range/Performance. Improve the Look Sinister Diesel's has exhaust down pipes for your Duramax diesel's exhaust. The LB7 Duramax engine made its debut on Chevrolet and GMC HD trucks in 2001. Because the original LB7 heads were designed for use with no emissions controls (EGR) and did not take EGR into account when they were designed. Also, keep in mind that the 2002-2004 LB7 EGR that was used in the CA trucks is different than the EGR used in the LLY version. For an HD pickup, this truck was fairly lightweight, which allowed it to get up to 22mpg as long as it wasn’t towing or hauling. Duramax Fuel System Diagram Of ~ welcome to our site, this is images about. An EGR Delete capable race tuner is required in conjunction with this kit. The top esports betting sites have a range of different banking options, which makes it easy to deposit funds into your betting account. The N54 fuel injectors are warrantied for 10 year or 120,000 miles. PERFECT FIT: Compatible with cylinder heads of 2001 – 2016 LB7 LLY LBZ LMM LML Chevy Duramax Diesel engines.