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Kenne Bell Vs ProchargerRacetronix or Lingenfelter fuel pump (03-04 uses Kenne Bell Boost a Pump) 38MM or 50 MM Raceport blowoff valve. Discussion Starter · #1 · Apr 23, 2012. And the comment that was made further above about the charge air on a Kenne Bell being hotter than a centri is FALSE. 9 whipple, which supercharger has the loudest whine? Any pros & cons of each? Thanks. Centrifugally Supercharged EFI 5. 00 Hub and 2 Pulley Rings (Non-Slip S/C Pulley) $198. Kenne Bell, Whipple, Edelbrock, Paxton, ProCharger, Vortech - Real Comparison Test - Pro's/Con's - Your personal experiences with your S/C on your S550? FIRSTNOT TRYING TO START ANY SHIT. Jump to Latest Follow Status Not open for further replies. Couple of learned lessons, a ProCha. With this in mind, we decided to pull together four of the latest Mustang body style, each with a different aftermarket supercharger. Capable of flowing 1250cfm, Torqstorm Superchargers® are able to support over 700hp individually, and over 1200hp with our Twin Supercharger kits!!. 7LKB) the bottom end torque difference between a Procharger and a Kenne Bell are very similar to one and other. ProCharger and Kenne Bell go head to head in a supercharger comparison test for drag strip supremacy - Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords . (We excluded the items both setups would need, such as a blow-through carburetor, fuel system upgrades, ignition controller, etc. I would love to replace it with a big ass kenne bell. The latter was driven on this. 2psi is the approximate max boost at 6,000rpm with 1,000cfm. I especially like the fact that it's intercooled, and the intake air is ambient temperature. ProCharger: Like Vortech, ProCharger offers two kits. 5’s with 100% stock motor and car using 20V BOOST-A-PUMP™ and 80lb injectors. First, that Kenne Bell supercharger is a great blower because it is a screw supercharger instead of a Roots design. More boost = more HP and torque. 0 59 Prattville, Alabama Dec 20, 2004 #2 I would go for the KB. 035” Crank pinning kit with new OE bolt; Our superior bracket system with fully adjustable billet tensioner. Kenne Bell designed the first ram air kit for the 5. 3 psi Test 8: 427 LS3 Stroker: NA vs Kenne Bell 3. So, I've been on the phone all day with various speed shops around the Country. Jump to Latest Follow 21 - 40 of 47 Posts. Bottom line, I prefer the look of a twin screw supercharger sitting on top of my engine, vs a turbo and all the piping. Bolting north-east of the Coyote’s alternator, in stock trim, the P-1SC-1 peaks at 9 psi of boost. Challenger 6 spd and '10 SRT Challenger B. Kenne bell or Procharger?. 5" to 3" Upper & 10% OD w/ Thump Tensioner or Stock - 85. Internal or external wastegates?. The air intake is in the engine bay and you use the stock intake manifold. 8LC supercharger kit and drag radials and no I'd love to see what the static vs. So running 8-9 psi Procharger claims 450-475 HP, and at the same time the intake air is nice and cool, you can't go wrong. Head To Head Supercharger Comparison. With the KB you'll get instant torque right off idle which is what you want for fun on the street! The Procharger would be a good choice if you are into top speed highway runs, but for stoplight-to-stoplight blasts nothing beats a roots-style SC. The P-1SC/D-1SC and the paxton NOVI-2000? Thinking about upgrading to a better unit. The Procharger is going to be more efficient hands down. I was just wondering what blower u guys think I should go with for my 97 cobra????? I really like the thought of a kennbell being on my car but here alot of people to go with a procharger. In the end though, and I know it is hard but it is a personal choice and no one can tell you which is best because best is different for everyone. The Maggie is the easiest install. The Kenne Bell and Whipple both show very clearly that they have a 100 degree intake air temp INCREASE at slightly higher boost level. I'm NOT a mechanic, but I do play one on the Z. 8L Shelby engine is one serious piece o. Kenne Bell Hellcat Blower Kit Takes the. The April issue of Sport Truck (out last week) has an article on the Kenne Bell. It also produces less heat than a paxton style unit which is goos since there impossible to intercool. Vortech, ProCharger, Saleen, and Kenne Bell were to be. Procharger is a supercharger, its a centrifugal type so more of a belt driven turbo. Non-slip pulleys: (Available for Eaton m112 and Kenne Bell 2. Whats the BEST Supercharger for your Engine? Kenne Bell, VMP. procharger vs supercharger Forced Induction - V8. 25" Upper & Stock lower w/ Thump Tensioner or Stock - 86. Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords July 2009 LIKE NEW. Procharger or Supercharger???. Search: Hp Tuners Disable Vats. You can ROUGHLY estimate max boost as follows. Supercharger Whine: kenne Bell vs. Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Talking HP, Boost. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 17 of 17 Posts. Kenne Bell Supercharger Chevrolet Camaro 6. 9 Whipple or a set of hhp stage 2 heads, cam, ported intake manifold, converter, and push rods. SuperChargers, SMS, ProCharger, Kenne Bell, Vortech, OH MY! Tags kenne bell procharger sms superchargers vortech. • More low and mid range boost/HP than centrifugals with unsurpassed high . After adding headers and a cat-back, the 4. Prochargers, Vortech and Paxton are centrifugal type superchargers. The SC or TTs tend to produce big HP gains(40%+), which makes the weight appear a minor issue when going in a straight line, but as you correctly point out, placing 150-200 lbs in front, above the engine(as maggie or Kenne Bell) doesn't do any favors to the handling of the car. Scofield not only owns this sinister all black ’14 Shelby GT500 that’s been all over the internet; he also owns an equally badass ’16 Shelby GT350 too (and it’s the first one to be ProCharged, so we’ve been told). Corvette Forced Induction Buyer's Guide. But just like a roots blower it has full boost by 2,500 rpm. Kumho Ecsta MX vs Falken rt 615. Of course the mounting hardware is included too!. Kenne bell with intercooler is more expensive by about 750 after shipping to me Kenne bell = more involved install due to the intercooler configuration (between SC and lower intake - like the cobras) and requires liquid to air IC Procharger = easier to bolt on/run/etc. What are your thoughts on these two units. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 20 Posts. 0L V8, supercharging is a great way to go, and our old friends over at ProCharger are here to help you and your F150 reach astonishing levels of power in a compact, straightforward, and easily-installed. To summarize: All 6 psi kits are not created equal. That left us with a pair of force-fed combatants--the Kenne Bell supercharged GT of John McGowan and Anthony Stoval's ProCharged Pony, both of which are '05 models. net Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic. Another member had a Techco installed by a local tuner, who promptly blew his engine during tuning. 1lc Kenne Bell Superchargers Hemi (90. Which one is best for a daily driver that doesn't ever see a drag strip. You can buy a Kenne Bell for around $1899 but you certaintly won't be bolting it up at that price. a turbo spins faster so it can make more power, thats one advantage of a turbo, a supercharger only loses5-10% of power from the pulley. I was all set to buy a procharger for my 89 LX, and as I have been looking at threads I have become very interested in the KB units. VM Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 (909) 941-6646 Procharger What is it? Intercooled centrifugal supercharger system For which cars? C6, C5, C4 What engines?. C5 Kenne Bell supercharger kit. There are a lot of supercharger options, ProCharger and Vortech are centrifugal style then there's the twinscrews, Kenne Bell, Magnacharger, Edelbroch, and now Whipple and I probably missed a couple. The Kenne Bell as you mentioned adds approx 150 lbs to the car. The number 3,456 is just a mathematical factor to make the units come out properly. maximum we recommend for the stock Camaro fuel pump and the factory fuel pump controller A wiring diagram for the. This will be my next big install. 6L MAMMOTH COYOTE MAKES SOME BIG POWER ON LOW. Subject: Kenne Bell Supercharger IP: Logged Message: The latest issue of Sport Truck has a Kenne Bell supercharger install on a 4. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel!. Entdecken Sie Mopar Aktion 2012 APR-kenne Bell srt8, Zukunft Motoren, Viper gewinnt in der großen Auswahl bei eBay. JRSC I love Procharger for what they have done with Mustangs, If Kenne Bell came out with a blower for my car, . Same goes for the Procharger or any other supercharger for that matter. -----02 GT - Fully built and blown - RIP '00 C5 Frc - Cammed and tuned - sold 66 Nova - Restored - 6. - Kenne Bell - Whipple Twin-Screw I would like suggestions as to which one to get. Kind of researching supercharger kits. Centrifugal / Acceleration vs. There's no way I'd run one without dynotuning much safer and you'll get more out of it. ProCharger and Kenne Bell go head to head in a supercharger comparison test for drag strip supremacy - Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Magazine What would a supercharger issue be without a little controversy? After all, the companies that comp. Kenne Bell Boost A Pump Wiring Diagram. Not sure how either one works on the 2v but read the musclemustangs article on the KB vs PC on an 05+, and both had about identical 1/4 mile . The kenne bell, magnacharger, and pro charger/A&A. Alright, I have a 04 Mustang GT. The roots blower has cooler charge air because it is volume based, the pressure drop across the lobes is much less than a. Kenne bell or procharger?. The faster the engine goes, the bigger the boost they make. The procharger is better for the track because it builds with RPMs and helps with traction off the line. For almost 20 years ProCharger Superchargers have been recognized for industry-leading power and reliability they provide on both street cars and drag race cars. 7 measured 296 hp (up 103 hp) and 329 lb-ft (up 76). kit puts down so much torque at once its very hard to control on the street. 8L Shelby engine is one serious piece of hardware. TEST 2 - Kenne Bell 7 psi kit with timing set at 18 for 91 octane pump gas and Procharger) VS twin screw styles (like Magnusson and KB). Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 11 of 11 Posts. KJR 1995 Dakota Club Cab SLT 4x4, 5. I was all set to buy a procharger for my 89 LX, and as I have been 93 SVT Cobra Kenne Bell 2. (52 MM “Big Bubba available) NGK TR6 spark plugs pre-gapped to. What marketing strategies does Kennebell use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Kennebell. The procharger is better for the track . TVS vs Whipple vs Kenne Bell. KB makes bigger boost at idle so there is a little more at take off from standstill. What I dont know is if lets say you have 2 identicle 04 GT's one with a procharger (8psi. Who has the better supercharger?. Boost DOWNLOAD Ever wonder why only Kenne Bell publishes boost curves? We all know supercharger boost can increase your engine's output by at least 40% (approx. I know the traditional is a Vortech S-Trim but there are others out there like OnyxCobra who are running a KB. What marketing strategies does Treperformance use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Treperformance. 2009 Jaguar XKR Convertible - Kelley Blue Book Supercharger Kit For 2007 Ford Ford recommends that you use a qualified technician to fit parts. Jump to Latest Follow Hey everyone! Procharger HO, Hurst Billet Shifter, Razor's Edge A-pillar & strut bar, Autometer Ultra Lite Boost & AFR gauges, RPM Rollbar 5pt chrome moly rollbar, Corsa Sport Exhaust, Kooks LT's & catless mids, BFXenon HID fogs, BT catch can/stat hsg/Scat Pak nose badge, SMS "Butterfly" hood. Images in this thread Supercharge vs Turbo @rides. P-1SC Procharger SLP Long Tube Headers w/ high flow cats Motoron 60lb injectors Kenne Bell BAP 20amp Moroso catch can A. com/miley-1000PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, COMMENT, AND SHARE! THANK YOU! VISIT MY PAGE FOR MORE VIDEOS! Follow me on social media:In. For Example: Let's say you save your pennies and purchase a ProCharger centrifugal supercharger for your car. Joined Mar 18, 2012 · 19 Posts. 8LC Liquid Cooled Mammoth Supercharger Kit 750HP - 2015+ Mustang GT 5. I wanna run 12-14pounds of boost. First off, your supercharger is a 2006. This graph was plotted from an actual test with a Kenne Bell On Board Data Logger System on a stock Mustang 5. 5 Rear Falken Azentis RT-615 245/40/18 Front 275/35/18 Rear 452rwhp/430rwtq. :I will be putting headers on, but they will be shortie headers because I do not want to spend any more money changing my exhaust again. What kit do you think is the best. Boost is the solid line (0-12 psi boost). I started out wanting Procharger, but now am leaning toward Kenne Bell. Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords July 2009 LIKE NEW. What is Torqstorm Vs Procharger. Discussion Starter · #1 · May 14, 2010. Vortech and Paxton are owned by the same company and the supercharger internals are the same; impellers and efficiency curves are identical between. RPM Comparison at WOT / Throttle Position vs. I have to admit, he was gonna buy a Kenne Bell for the Challenger, but he spoke very highly of the Vortech and it's out-of-box tune. Damage owing to incorrect fitment is not covered under warranty. 9 factor is the ~VE for the typical intake tract under non-boosted conditions. ST Motorsports test car made 701HP and run’s 10. So it is back to centrifugal units. The primary cost is in the ancillary components. 6 New Member Established Member. 74 @ 177 against the slightly slower 7. Kenne bell or procharger? Thread starter justinschmidt1; Start date Mar 5, 2008. Ive researched superchargers and turbo's for a long time now, I even built my own turbo kit on my 90 mustang, so I pretty much know the benefits and downfalls to each. The unit is self-lubricated, with no messy oil drain or feed lines to install. The ProCharger Stage II kit is a complete bolt-on kit featuring the polished P-1SC-1 centrifugal supercharger head with a 4. Head To Head Supercharger Comparison - Kenne Bell vs ProCharger - Supercharged Slugfest It's ProCharger vs. No applications for later Gen IV engines with rectangular-port heads are offered. Im either thinking of getting the 2. If there is a supercharger I did not list that you believe is any good, please list it so I can check it out. 2 psi Test 5: NA 427 LSX vs Procharger F1A at 17 psi Test 6: 417 Stroker: NA vs Whipple 3. This might not seem like a big deal, but the screw supercharger is a true compressor while a Roots design is merely an air mover. Another player in the twin-screw market is Kenne Bell. Today though, more and more people are finding out the benefits of a ProCharger Intercooled Supercharger systems. Kenne Bell, VMP, Whipple, Procharger, and More! Mustang vs WHIPPLED GT500 vs KENNE BELL GT500 KENNE BELL COYOTE 3. Our Mazda Miata wheel bearing will provide you and your car with superior performance and longer parts life. I assume you're asking about a twin screw (Whipple, Magnuson) vs a centrifugal supercharger. 12 month warranty direct from kb custom made and shipped in 2-4 weeks. what would iat temps run with about 7 psi on a procharger kit? i never plan on making more than 10 lbs on this car its not a drag car, just want a little . 0 equipped with the TS1000 5 psi kit. If your goal is torque, horsepower and acceleration that you can really feel at ANY rpm, there is no better supercharger than the Kenne Bell Twin Screw. There are quite a few more reasons why I went with Procharger also. 8LC Liquid Cooled Mammoth Supercharger Kit 750HP. 6 at 21 and 26 psi Chapter 6: Turbocharging. What Are Some Facts About Jesse Belle Denver?. "Peak" advertised performance (HP, torque and boost) are misleading. Kenne Bell powered New Edgehmmmmmm. 6 ati procharger: f-1, f-1d, f-1a, d1x any 2650 tvs (magnuson, vmp, eaton, etc) 365ci. The Kenne Bell BIG BORE™ Twin Screw is the most reliable, durable and trouble free supercharger available. JUST TRY TO ANSWER THE QUESTIONS & STAY ON POINT, PLEASE. Kenne Bell Ford V10 Supercharger Installation Manual. 50s en route to a $101,000 victory at DuckX Productions’ Sweet 16 2. There is a shop in Vegas that makes their own Kenne Bell kit, and Techo made their own twin screw blower but they went under. Also, as far as the KB vs ATI debate goesassuming we're talking about two equal blowers here (a P1SC and a 1. The Vortech installation is the most complex. Superchargers come in many different shapes and sizes, but they are related by a common attribute: They generate boost pressure via an engine-driven mechanism. 2021 WCF RULEBOOK T RUE S TREET - D OMESTIC Revised 8/18/21. FUEL SYSTEM - Kenne Bell 17V BOOST-A-PUMP™ and 50lb injectors included in all kits. hey guys what do you think about the kenne bell supercharger for a 01 harley or a procharger? how much horse power do both super chargers put out?. The superchargers will run me about $6,000-$7,000 uninstalled and the heads/cam etc INSTALLED will be about $6,500ish. On street radials my best was an 11. Please contact us with questions or check our store for the many other kenne bell kits available, and. This is a discussion on Kenne Bell within the Forced Induction forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hey I know there is a system out for the ls3 on the new Camaro. 0L (BLACK) Kenne Bell is the blower of choice for tuners and limited edition Mustangs such as Saleen and Hurst! This kit makes over 750HP (630RWHP), 600TQ (500RWTQ) on pump gas and is 50 State Legal. Test 4: LSX 376 B15-NA vs Magnuson TVS at 10. Joined Jan 18, 2007 · 194 Posts. As production powerplants go, the new 5. All three are going to create underhood heat. Magunson , Whipple, and Kenne Bell are positive displacement type superchargers. anyone running a kenne bell on an LS1? anarchy99. Procharger or Kenne Bell?. Just wondering why no one uses the twin screw blower by Kenne Bell. Some may put it down to the simple application of displacement and bo As production powerplants go, the new 5. Your boost curve would look like this: 12 PSI @ 7,000 RPM vs. The idea is to make a packages which is a total bolt on, bolt off proposition which includes everything you need. The Kenne Bell has a liquid cooled compressor case option. I know alot of people say it's a piece of cake which a centrifugal s/c doesn't seem to be to difficult. The entire cooling system for the blower and charge air has its own cooling circuit as well. kenne bell or procharger? Discussion in 'The Blower Bistro' started by SILV03MustangGT, Jul 17, 2004. Nothing better than the sound of a twin screw charger as it winds up. True, the Twin Screw does hold a slight advantage, but most of that is on paper. but i mean would like a kenne bell mamoth be able to fit in the car, or would i have to go with a procharger and no it isnt a bone stock car it has a 5 speed musci racing tranny, 383 eagle stroker. The other type is Roots which is a positive displacement that compares to whipple/kenne bell which all OEM's use that type. I know that boost will be in the future for my car at some point so I wanted to see what people tho. KB has all of the low end torque and 'instant boost' which makes owning a street car fun. For the install, you setup your car to reach a max boost of 12 PSI at 7,000 RPM. The Roots Type Supercharger is the first style supercharger that was ever used and can be dated back to the 1880s when the Roots brothers designed it as an air conveyor for mine shafts. 03-15-2011 02:17 PM by ProdigyCustoms. 0 is almost finished being built and. also wanna make around 500hp on a dss 347stroker with 42lb injectors . How To Install a Procharger Stage II Intercooled Hey fellas, does anyone on here have an install manual for a procharger or Kenne Bell supercharger. Turbocharge your HEMI to get the performance that you crave. With the supercharger, it measured 269 hp (up 76 hp) and 280 lb-ft. I have a complete D-1 12rib setup. Good for 650RWHP with stock pump. Kenne Bell in a battle for drag strip supremacy. There are trade offs to both types but a vague rule of thumb is Centrifugal is better for top end power like full. When in doubt, throw a blower on it. 3 at 22 psi Test 7: LS3 and Stroker: NA vs Vortech at 7. Kenne bell or Procharger? Discussion in 'Engine/Tuning' started by 1slo4. A Procharger is a centrifugal supercharger, same as a Vortech or Paxton. 2% similar) We have kenne bell, procharger and whipple supercharger systems to fit almost every performance application. TREperformance sells high performance auto parts direct from many manufacturers such as Procharger, Whipple, Vortech, Magnuson, Roush and Kenne Bell Superchargers, AFR Cylinder Heads, Canton, Corbeau Seats, RC Engineering, SPEC Clutches and Walbro. Where a procharger might have charge temps of 120-130, the kenne bell can be as high as 160-180. dynamic compression ratios are . LS ENGINE SUPERCHARGER TYPES AND HOW TO CHOOSE. Procharger = easier to bolt on/run/etc Not sure how either one works on the 2v but read the musclemustangs article on the KB vs PC on an 05+, and both had about identical 1/4 mile times when the launches were good, with the procharger having 6-7 MPH higher trap speeds. Procharger mounts to the front of the engine and routs the air with tubing, the intercooler mounts under the rad. 6L (1996-2004 Modular) Mustang - Procharger vs kenne bell - Hi guys, my intake manifold craked and I bought a bullitt intake manifold . 90 rear end IWANNARAMU Prospective Buyer 2/19/2001 10:05:08: RE: Kenne Bell Supercharger IP: Logged Message: Can you scan the article and post to the board?. What supercharger to get? (and more). Both blowers have pros and cons that equal out in one way or another. OPG/TG only and I made 700whp through an auto. I'm looking to see what yalls opinions are for adding a supercharger to a 5. Its similar to a roots type blower sticking out of the hood but the pump is a bit different. Do some reading on the differences between the two and how power is delivered and decide what sounds best to you. 1L KENNE BELL INSTALLATION! **99-04 Mustang GT** ([Refresh Reaper Episode 11 Mustang Kenne Bell / Whipple Owners, DO THIS IMMEDIATELY! | RAD23 Kenne Bell 2. Roots blowers act like air pumps (not compressors), and In general, Roots blowers have a two or three lobe rotor design, depending on the size of the case. I like the clean installations, my car will be mainly a street car with the occasional test n tune night and it seems the KB is a great street blower. The Kenne Belle is goin to be prettier to look at and sound a lot meaner. Known primarily for its systems for Ford vehicles, the company offers bolt-on kits for 1997–2004 Corvettes equipped with the LS1, LS2, or LS6 engine. But if you’re not good with names, then his 1,250 RWHP Kenne Bell supercharged Shelby GT500 might ring a bell also. Connect the fuel pump wires as shown in STEPS | - 3. 7: 2,932: ATI Procharger Buick 350ci. If you don't mind an extra $500 to $1200 for the install and tune, the others make more horsepower. Any advice on which one? Pros and cons for daily driving, . Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Jul 17, 2004. +) wire going to your pump and wire the BAP in series as shown in the following diagrams. 4) Hub and 1 Pulley Ring (Non-Slip S/C Pulley) $165. People really need to read up a little. Both kits feature their P1-SC self-contained supercharger, a 2-core air-to-air intercooler, bypass valve, and a high capacity fuel pump. After John Denver passed away in a tragic plane accident, what became of his daughter? Learn about Jesse Belle Denver. This is a discussion on Kenne Bell within the Forced Induction forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hey I noticed most LS1 guys w/ FI use Procharger, Vortec or some type of turbo. Mustang Procharger Install Manual. ProCharger was the first to offer complete supercharger systems for 6. That is 901 horsepower, according to the folks at Hot. 1L @ 8psi, 76mm C&L tuner MAF and inlet, . anyone running a kenne bell blower on a 96. What do you guys think? 2012 IS F Blue IS F Sport 2006 Mustang V6 wannabe Save. The throttle position (0-100%) is depicted by the dotted line. Shifter ID 1300 injectors Kenne Bell Boost-a-pump JLT Intake Whipple 68mm twin throttle . no vortec makes most of the prochargers and procharger, blowers, and superchargers are all kinds of superchargers if that makes sence, prochargers are just smaller supercharger less weight to them. 3L Roots style rotors and cast case. As a VERY rough thumb nail view, for applications where you are always in mid to high RPM, Procharger is a good way to go. Kenne bell is out of the picture since it was sold. TorqStorm Superchargers® is a rapidly growing, popular supercharger for the average individual looking to make a significant horsepower and torque gain with their vehicle. All depends on what your looking for. 650 with VERY conservative timing and boost levels is easily done. 3 superchargers and Ford inlet systems on Cobra's, Lightning's and Shelby's with Kenne Bell has been - and still is a huge part of our business, as will be the 2019 Shelby GT500 with it's relatively small 2. When it comes to getting some big power out of your 2015 to 2016 F150's 5. ProCharger Power for the Road Course. subcore 2020 Roush Stage 3 | 2013 Procharged v6 • 6 yr. The answer really depends on what you prefer. hey guys what do you think about the kenne bell supercharger for a 01 harley or a procharger? how much horse power do both super chargers put out? kenne bell or procharger - Page 2 Help. Procharger Supercharger Kits make up to 160+rwhp on your Dodge Challenger 5. Fortunately, the folks the Kenne Bell Performance are working on a supercharger package that could lift the output from 485 to 901 horsepower. Auto pretty much even race, the launch decided the outcome. Since 1999, replacing and upgrading stock Eaton 1. New member here and searched the. Thread starter mikeystang; Start date Sep 14, 2005; M. For more power off the line, a twin screw or Roots style blower may be better for you, it is for me. The Vortech and ProCharger seem like a better choice from the standpoint of not needing a new high-rise Hood, however their installations are more complex. The kenne bell are a twin screw whipple style supercharger. Joined Sep 29, 2009 · 135 Posts. Experience the pinnacle of performance technology: the state-of-the-art GT supercharger kit is more than just a compressor. Pro charger vs Supercharger. 4L, What Superchargers are. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. sections: hiphop 446 on now446 on now. a supercharger is less efficient than a turbo but not by that large of a margin. Hey I noticed most LS1 guys w/ FI use Procharger, Vortec or some type of turbo. 5" to 3" Upper & stock lower w/ Thump Tensioner or Stock 84. Centrifugal: There are 3 superchargers: Paxton, Procharger and Vortech. use 20V BOOST-A-PUMP™ with 80lb injectors and stock pump for up to 750RWHP. Also, both the Vortech and ProChargers are more prone to throwing belts. Kenne Bell vs Pro charger. The k/b looks to be a lil more difficult so I would like. 8l Liquid Cooled Supercharger Install/Journal Installing the Kenne Bell Supercharger on 98 Mustang cobra How to install/wire a kenne bell boost a pump BAP. I went with the Procharger and was very happy. 9 psi) Test 6: Effect of Boost 19 vs 22 vs 24 psi (KB SC 6.